The collective wage agreements of more than half a million workers will expire on March 31, 2020. The various unions have to file their new applications by October 2019. So they are now beginning their discussions to determine their strategies and demands.

There is no reason to celebrate the election of a Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) majority government. Not since Maurice Duplessis’ rule has there been broad electoral support for a political party that is both intolerant of people of colour and immigrants, and has a right-wing economic agenda. There is no question of “giving...

An open-ended general strike all across Quebec began in the construction industry on Wednesday. The main issues in the dispute are about work schedules and overtime. Workers oppose the bosses' demand to return to work, on request, at the end of the week at a flat rate of pay, in addition to having to be available for five to twenty hours per...

Rise of Islamophobia and right-wing reaction poses new challenges to the left. 
On Saturday March 4 in Montreal, the newly created Canadian Council of Concerned Citizens gathered in the bitter cold to protest a proposed federal measure (M103) that condemns Islamophobia. They were met by a counter protest consisting of...

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