“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” Although Karl Marx’s words about the capitalist democracy were written more than one and a half centuries ago, they are true in the case of Pakistan today.

Hong Kong’s government has, for the first time, moved to ban a political party, as the Beijing-driven political crackdown in the territory widens. On 17 July, the Security Bureau served notice it will use the Societies Ordinance – a relic of British colonial rule – to ban the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP).

With the rise of the Barathia Janatha Party (BJP) to power in the 2014 general election, caste atrocities on Dalits and Tribals across India have risen dramatically. The BJP, the political wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is an extreme right wing political party that claims to base itself on so-called Hindu nationalism. With their...

For the 16th year running, tens of thousands of Hong Kong people turned out on Sunday, July 1, for the annual ‘7.1’ anti-government demonstration. The main slogan of the day was “End one-party dictatorship!” – a slogan the dictatorship is trying to ban.

President Donald Trump met North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in Singapore on 12 June. The summit was hailed as historic. Trump, true to form, also seems to have gone further than his own government and military heads intended, promising to freeze “provocative” US-led military exercises and even opening a door to possible reductions in US troop...

The world has moved closer to a trade war on multiple fronts as Trump’s administration rolls out its aggressive ‘America First’ trade policies, taking aim at both close US allies and major rivals.

On the 9th of May, the country held its 14th general election which saw the humiliating defeat for one of the longest-serving ruling parties in the world – the BN (National Front). This outcome has gone against the predictions of almost all the international and local media who predicted that BN will be once again returned to power. Before...

For the first time since independence from British rule, the Sri Lankan government had ruled that there would be no national holiday on 1st May because it was too close to a Buddhist religious festival. It was postponed to 7th May and many see this as a move to gradually abolish the traditional way of recognising the struggle of workers and...

‘Long Hair’, Leung Kwok-hung, has long been a thorn in the side of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing establishment. Since the authoritarian offensive began in earnest in 2016, ‘Long Hair’ and his League of Social Democrats (LSD) have been regarded as “public enemy number one” by the government.

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