Last weekend, LSP/MAS (the Belgian affiliate of the cwi), held a national conference to discuss ’Political alternatives for the. With 134 participants from 17 branches this conference was the biggest ever in the history of the party in Belgium.

The NSV, the students’ organisation of Belgian’s biggest fascist party, the Vlaams Blok, organises a yearly demo in one of the cities in Flanders where a university is present. This year they chose to march through Antwerp. Not only is Antwerp the biggest and economically most important Flemish city, it is...

On Saturday 25 October, 1,000 people protested in Casteau near Mons (in the Walloon area in Belgium) against the NATO military headquarters SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe). The repressive actions of the police led to the arrest of hundreds, including members of Linkse Socialistische Partij /...

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