The results of the Belgian elections underline the political instability which has grown over recent years and which is expressed in a growing number of undecided voters and voters changing the party they vote for. The period of stability with one big bourgeois party, the Flemish Christian democratic CVP, being able to...

At the beginning of July 1,100 asylum seekers from Afghanistan were ordered to leave the country. The government wants to send them back, because, they claim, “the war is finished”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dissuades people from visiting Afghanistan because the situation there remains...

On 17 April more than 2,500 workers from the threatened Cockerill steel works went to Luxemburg to protest against the planned closure of a part of their factory near Liège. Members of the Linkse Socialistiche Partij / Mouvement pour une Alternative Socialiste (CWI affiliated party in Belgium) joined the protest.

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