Solidarity with Igor Yashin and the CWI comrades in Moscow! We demand an immediate end to all violence and persecution of protestors and antifascists in Russia!

Angry protests took place on Monday outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm as well as outside the consulate in Gothenburg.

STOCKHOLM: After a protest letter read out through a loudspeaker by Per-Åke Westerlund from Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI in Sweden), the protestors rang the door bell of the embassy. The official that came out assumed we were Georgian demonstrators and the staff called the police! It took some time to explain our message. Despite being diplomatically friendly, he at first refused to receive our protest letter. But after the intervention of Mattias Bernhardsson, city councillor of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna in Haninge, south Stockholm, he eventually took the letter, promising to forward it to Moscow. The police just listened to us and did not intervene.

GOTHENBURG: When Kristofer Lundberg spoke outside the Russian consulate in Gothenburg, it did not take long before the sound equipment was silenced by the consulate. They obviously did not want anyone to listen to our messages of solidarity.

“But we stayed and demanded to deliver our letter of protest to the consul general. In the end, the consul general came out, took the letter and a short discussion took place”, says John Tumpane, who delivered the letter. Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna plans more and bigger protests at the consulate.

Stefan Berg

Committee for a workers' International publications


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