THE BATTLE against the bin tax in the last two months has raised ominous signs for all workers. The capitalist establishment in all its guises - political parties, media, courts and the Gardai has demonstrated its ruthlessness in dealing with this challenge to their rule.

On 9 December, strike action against the bosses’ federation attacks on wages and conditions and national bargaining will take place in Kassel and the Northhessen region. The strikes will also be directed against the social cuts imposed by the hated Christian Democrat led regional state government.

“We are witnesses and protagonists of a newly- now unstoppable- broad social protest movement in Germany. The mood…amongst the population, and even more in the workplaces and councils, has turned in the past weeks”. (From a special issue of the ver.di (united public sector and services union) paper, 4...

On Sunday 30 November, hundreds demonstrated in Maastricht against the visit of US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who is in the Dutch town for the summit of the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

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