One after-effect of the World Trade Centre attack has been an increase in racism and racist attacks. One Afghan taxi driver, who came to Britain to escape persecution in Afghanistan, was paralysed from the neck down after being kicked and beaten by three men in Twickenham, who taunted him about events in America.

The situation outside the Holy Cross primary school has developed into an ugly stand-off as community leaders talk about trying to settle the conflict. At root, this conflict is about redefining boundaries between Catholic and Protestant areas, which is further polarising the communities.

The 300,000 strong 21 July demonstration and the state repression in Genoa are turning points both in Italy and for the growing worldwide opposition to capitalist globalisation.

The mid-May Italian election victory of Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing House of Liberty alliance grabbed the headlines. Some commentators, like the Wall Street Journal, hoped that the defeat of the Olive Tree centre-left government, along with having Bush II sitting in the White House, marked a further step...

LAST WEEK the Macedonian army and police launched their biggest offensive so far against rebel Albanian forces. The horrific prospect of all-out civil war has come one step closer.

It has been the biggest working class mobilization of the last decades. It shook every single town in Greece and not only Athens. It caused a complete paralysis of everything and everywhere. There have been many general strikes in Greece during the last decade. Certainly over twenty in all. But not one of them can be...

In the Czech Republic, political competition has made television into an unscrupulous battleground for ambitious bureaucrats, reflecting a government led by rival parties, the rightist ODS and the leftist CSSD, who each want so badly to govern that they have forged an unlikely "opposition agreement."

The European Union (EU) summit in Nice was supposed to be one of the most important conferences in Europe’s history. But the marathon summit ended in a messy deal of scaled down ambitions couched in the language of success. The summit and the discussions beforehand show increasing political divergences inside the...

Socialist Party T.D. Joe Higgins was suspended from the Dail today until the next session in 2001 because he protested against a ruling of the Ceann Comhairle that only the Leaders of Fine Gael and the Labour Party could argue against the Taoiseach’s proposals for Dáil business.

The angry scenes in Austria this past week have shown that the entry of Jorg Haider’s Freedom Party into the Austrian government will not go unchallenged.

The war in Chechnya, ruthlessly conducted by Russia’s new capitalist rulers, has been a human, economic and environmental catastrophe. Thousands of civilians are being massacred. There are over 260,000 refugees in Ingushetia alone. Thousands of young Russian conscripts are reported dead or ‘missing’....

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