In Italy, all of the ‘unions of the base’ responded to Non Una Di Meno’s call for strike action on 8 March. Female and male workers walked out in hundreds of private workplaces around the country but particularily in transport, schools and the public sector.

Thirty five years ago, on 5 March 1984, Yorkshire miners walked out on strike against Tory government plans to impose a massive programme of pit closures. They saw it as the first step to a complete rundown of the mining industry.

But there was even more to the miners' strike. Former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson admitted that Tory...

From 23rd to the 24th February, around 200 young people and workers from all the territories in Spain participated in the 19th Congress of the Student’s Union. In an electric atmosphere of struggle, enthusiasm and confidence, we redouble our commitment to the defense of public education, the rights of working women, and democratic rights, as...

On 15 February, tens of thousands of school and college students walked out of their lessons to join protests across Britain to demand action over climate change and environmental destruction.

On 14 February, British prime minister, Theresa May, suffered her tenth parliamentary defeat over Brexit. The Tory party is split down the middle. May’s government is on the brink of collapse.

Yet it is at this precise moment, one of intense governmental crisis, that seven Blairite MPs have chosen to resign from the Labour Party,...

The gilets jaunes revolt in France, now in its fourth month, not only threatens the survival of Emmanuel Macron, his government and his party. It has inspired movements of discontented workers and young people far beyond its borders. It has also helped widen the fissures that already exist between the major European capitalist powers.

Mass protest can force ministers to leave. After two months of protest, mainly pushed forward by young people, one of the four Belgian ministers responsible for climate had to resign. The Flemish regional minister, Joke...

Nurses and midwives are taking strike action in southern Ireland over pay and workplace conditions. A national rally is taking place today, in Dublin, as the nurses' union, INMO, plans a third week of strike action.

The platform of the new Social Democrat-Green government in Sweden, based on an agreement with two parties from the right-wing alliance parties (Centre and Liberals), is extremely neo-liberal and anti-working class. Now it is important to mobilise the greatest possible resistance. Struggles from below are already increasing, with dock workers...

Already this week, two women will have died due to domestic violence. By the end of the week, there will have been five domestic violence-related deaths. 

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