Egypt’s presidential election on 26-28 March will be as farcical as the elections held during former president Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Just two candidates are standing; the current President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and the leader of the Ghad party, Moussa Mostafa Moussa.

Eastern Goutha, outside Damascus, is "hell on earth", according to UN chief, Antonio Guterres. The day after the UN decision to organise a ceasefire, bombing continued. A doctor interviewed by the BBC says his hospital has "no electricity, no medication, no oxygen, bombs, no medication for anaesthesia, no painkillers, no antibiotics".

Mass protests in December and January shook Iran’s reactionary regime to the core. Although facing severe repression, they signal a new confidence and preparedness by workers and young people to fight for their rights, in opposition to systemic corruption, repression and inequality. Robert Bechert writes.

The Turkish state is bombarding Kurds in Afrin, using bombing and a ground invasion. This follows devastating attacks on Kurdish areas in Turkey in 2016, when President Erdogan ended a ‘peace process’ and started a war, stirring up anti-Kurdish nationalism in Turkey.

On January 5th, independent trade unions in Iran issued a statement in support of the mass protests against austerity and dictatorship that began at the end of last year. The statement was issued in the name of the Tehran Public Transport Workers Union and the Haft Tapeh Agro-industry Workers Union in Khuzestan province. Both unions have been...

Sudden largescale nationwide protests have shaken Iran. Sections of the masses have shown utter defiance of the regime. Youth, facing unemployment estimated to be between 25% and 40%, have particularly been to the fore. The protests, initially against the rise in prices and corruption, almost immediately developed into fighting and clashes with...

The horrific killing of 305 people at Friday prayers in the al-Rawdah mosque, Bir al-Abd on Friday 24th November is the worst single attack in Egypt’s Sinai region. 27 children were among those killed. Over 100 people were injured. Witnesses reported 25-30 attackers fired on the 500 or so worshipers as they tried to escape bombs in the mosque...

On Saturday 11 November Mahmoud Salehi, a jailed and seriously ill Iranian trade unionist, was moved back to Saqqez prison from the Khomeini Hospital in Saqqez, despite the pleas of his family.

Mahmoud Salehi, 55, is an Iranian labour activist and trade unionist from Iranian Kurdistan. He is a co-founder of the Coordinating Committee...

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