The abduction of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan by Turkish secret services has sparked furious mass protests by Kurds and more than ever internationalised the Kurdish question. The CWI stands with the oppressed Kurdish people and supports and campaigns for their right to self-determination.

The recent announcement by Indonesia’s president, BJ Habibie, that the people of strife-torn East Timor could "have their freedom" caused a stir amongst the world’s political commentators. What were the motives? Was it genuine or, as many speculate, ’designed to fail’?

The launch of the euro has been presented as a new era for Europe ; or in the words of the finance minister of Portugal, the euro is here to stay, it is now impossible to turn back.

Against the background of economic catastrophe in Asia, the workers of South Korea are engaged in a life and death struggle. They have shown that organised and determined action can force even the most powerful governments to back down on their attempts to make workers bear the brunt of the crisis.

The dramatic events of May 1998 in Indonesia have had, and will continue to have, enormous repercussions in Asia and throughout the world. They constitute a revolution begun. The removal from power of the longest ruling despot in Asia by a mass movement in itself was a revolutionary event.

Working people across the world were relieved that war was averted in the Gulf in February. Tens of thousands of Iraqi people, perhaps more, would have been killed if US-led imperialism had launched its promised murderous attack. This would have added to the already intense suffering of the Iraqi people caused by...

Over the last few months, all over Europe, from France to Greece, Belgium to Italy, Germany to Spain, there have been mass protests against unemployment and cuts, and struggles for improved living standards.

The clashes and deaths in Kosovo have put on the agenda the possibility of war breaking out in the Balkans for the fourth time this decade. Already over 100,000 have been killed in the three previous wars, with nearly a million and a half people "ethnically cleansed" and forced into exile. Before this...


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