According to the police about 1.3 million French people demonstrated on May Day to protest against Le Pen and the Front National. The real figure will be a lot higher, which makes the protests the biggest in decades. Some commentators were even talking about the biggest demonstrations since May ‘68 or even since...

May Day 2003 takes place in the aftermath of the brutal imperialist conquest of Iraq. The US led war has profoundly altered the world. The globe is much more dangerous and violent. Where is next on the White House’s list of targets – Syria, Iran, North Korea or Cuba?

Workers and Socialists all over all world are celebrating May Day this year against the background of darkening economic clouds and the bright light of what could be one of the most significant victories the labour movement has won one for some time.

MAYDAY 2002 takes place at a time of explosive political, economic and social events worldwide. In the last few months we have witnessed one convulsion after another: the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York; war in Afghanistan; the beginning of a generalised world recession; the Enron collapse; Sharon’s bloody...

THE CWI, the Committee for a Workers’ International, an international socialist organisation with affiliates and co-workers in 35 countries on all five continents, sends it warmest May Day greetings to the working people of all countries.

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