What force is needed to end the discrimination and division rooted in the capitalist system? Can the global women’s movements become the main agency for change? Is the organised working class now redundant? Christine Thomas reviews a new publication claiming to have the answers.

To mark International Women’s Day, Socialist Party members highlighted the impact of austerity on vital services for women. They have been speaking at trade union and trades council meetings to raise support for the ‘Women’s Lives Matter’...

We've made history again! Millions were on the streets against sexist violence and capitalist oppression.

“My first time as a domestic worker in Hong Kong was really bad, I got no days off and the employer even confiscated my mobile phone,” says Mica, a 27-year-old migrant domestic worker from Indonesia. The battle Mica had to fight in order to extricate herself from a nightmare employment contract and avoid being thrown out of Hong Kong led...

The 8th of March should be the occasion to bring out the best of traditions of the organised workers’ movement. With the Campaign ROSA, we organise marches against sexism and austerity and participate in different, mainly trade union, actions, for demands that mean real progress for the emancipation of working class women.

The year 2018 saw a sad new record being reached of women being killed – most of them by their partners or ex-partners. The Austrian government is using this to go onto another racist offensive. For years the picture of single refugee men coming to Europe attacking “our women” has been painted by the media and the far right. In their...

International Women’s Day last year saw a great explosion of anger in the Spanish state. Now the threat of the far right and all the attacks they are planning against working class women will make an historical mobilization again for this year’s strike. We will give an answer with all our strength to those who want to go further with our...

On Friday, 8th March, women across the globe are striking, marching, protesting and celebrating International Women's Day in unprecedented numbers. In a welcome development, they will be accompanied by more men than in the past who see the need to fight the special oppression of women.

As the age of austerity arising from the great crash of 2007-2008 enters its second decade, a new movement of women struggling against their oppression is taking shape. But mistaken ideas on how oppression can be ended have resurfaced too. The ideas of socialist feminism are ever more relevant.

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