International Women’s Day will be celebrated on 8th March in Pakistan and other countries with large Muslim populations in a situation where Islamic religious parties and groups are still agitating against the blasphemous cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper.

A group of around forty women have been leading a struggle for jobs and pay at the Selfex factory in the south east of Caracas for several weeks.

For over a year the German service trade union Ver.di has been attempting through a campaign to set up workers’ councils (Betriebsraete) in the retail chain, Lidl in order to improve conditions of employment.

We are constantly told by the mainstream media that girls are outperforming boys at school and that young women now have more opportunities and choice than women of previous generations.

In Australia, over the last year the Socialist Party (CWI Australia) has concentrated its political activity for working women in Victoria on fighting against the Industrial Relations legislation which will impact on the living standards of every Australian woman.

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