The ’World March of Women’ is a cry for justice on the part of half the world’s population. On International Women’s Day - March 8 - this year, demonstrations were held in more than 50 countries in every continent.

Working women around the world have a right to expect a new century, especially a new millennium, to bring them a better deal in life. After all, the 20th century saw unimagined strides forward in science, medicine and technology and even in attitudes towards women in society.

Included here are ten articles commissioned by the Committee for a Workers’ International for use on and around March 8th - International Women’s Day. They have been circulated to the sections and groups of of the CWI in all five continents of the world to be used in their publications, in leaflets and at...

The committee for a workers’ international commemorates International Women’s Day 1999 - Monday 8th of March - by calling on all socialists and class fighters to help restore the true significance of this day in the calendar of the workers’ movement.

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