These are complicated, contradictory times. The capitalist system is in crisis, unable to recover fully from the decade-long great recession. Mass revolt has erupted – the ‘Arab’ spring, protests in Latin America, Sudan, Algeria and Hong Kong, movements around women’s oppression and the environment – yet the organised working class...

The revolutionary movements shaking Sudan and Algeria, and mass upheavals in other parts of the neo-colonial world, underlines the relevance of Leon Trotsky’s 'Theory of Permanent Revolution'. This is particularly the case for the international workers’ movement and revolutionary socialists, and the heroic masses struggling for fundamental...

'Socialism: Utopian and Scientific' should be read and studied by socialists, worker-activists and young people interested in socialist ideas, as it greatly adds to our understanding of the roots of socialism and the tasks the working class need to conquer to fundamentally change society. This short pamphlet by Friedrich...

Review of "The Life and Death of Leon Trotsky", published in the latest issue of Socialism Today

Review of ‘PostCapitalism: a guide to our future’ by Paul Mason

Article by LEON TROTSKY translated into English for first time

Important tool of the working class

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