THE WORLDWIDE CAPITALIST ideological offensive of the 1990s, in the wake of the collapse of Stalinism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, meant that for most of that decade the workers’ movement was on the defensive.

Our society has an obscene gulf between rich and poor. The private assets of the 200 richest people are more than the combined incomes of the poorest 2.4 billion people - almost half the world’s population.

In the 1930s Trotsky and his family were finding it impossible to secure safe refuge. Deported from France, refused entry into Britain, they moved to Norway. LAURENCE COATES describes how an alliance of Stalinists, fascists and ’democrats’ ensured that Trotsky’s days of living on a planet without a...

Sixty years ago, the dictator Stalin orchestrated the murder of Leon Trotsky, exiled and isolated in Mexico. Stalin was motivated not merely by personal rivalry and malice but by the ruling bureaucracy’s need to crush the Fourth International, which continued to fight for internationalism and workers’...

In order to correctly answer the question raised in the title of this article, it is first of all necessary to establish the difference between the basic conquest of the October Revolution-nationalized property-and the policy pursued by the present government. There is a contradiction between the revolutionary form of...

Greetings to the Soviet workers, collective farmers, soldiers of the Red Army and sailors of the Red Navy! Greetings from distant Mexico where I found refuge after the Stalinist clique had exiled me to Turkey and after the bourgeoisie had hounded me from country to country!

Did the fall of the USSR prove that socialism will inevitably fail?

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